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Jan 安idzi雟ki passed away 9th February 2014, Warsaw. He was buried at Military Cementary Powazki, Warsaw.
Piotr Weychert works on a film about Jan 安idzi雟ki.
Jan 安idzi雟ki and Joseph Kosuth have met in Rome July 2nd, 2008, in the Kosuth Studio. Piotr Weychert has recorded this conversation (1.5h).


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12 Points of Contextual Art
Contextual Art (1)
Contextual Art (2)
Contextual Art (3)
Models of Art
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Second Context
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Thirt Context
(Galeria Sztuki Najnowszej)
Fourth Context
(Remont Gallery)
conference Art et Transformation Sociale
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We are always talking about people
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We all are in troubles
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catalogue text
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Art is a Fact
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Agata Rog
"Anno Domini is the Trouble"
(BWA Lublin)

ㄆkasz Guzek
"It is What it is"

JEST JAK JEST / It is what it is

ul. D帳rowskiego 5
Open from 18 June to 17 July 2009
Curator: ㄆkasz Guzek

Foto documentation

Contextual Art formula above the gallery door in Piotrk闚 Trybunalski.

"Jest jak jest / It is what it is" - Exhibition in the Galeria Sztuki Najnowszej in Gorzow Wielkopolski (performance for the opening). See more at the gallery website >>>


The role of Conceptual Art, Contextual Art, and Idea Art in shaping picture of Contemporary Art.

Organizer - Galeria Sztuki Najnowszej in the O鈔odek Kultury i Sztuki in Gorzowie Wlkp.

Chair: - Romuald Kutera, Bogus豉w Jasi雟ki

Timetable: - 2 days from 28.03. to 30.03. 2009


Grzegorz Dziamski, Bogus豉w Jasi雟ki, Andrzej Saj, ㄆkasz Guzek, Adam Sobota.

Artists: Jan 安idzi雟ki, Anna Kutera, Romuald Kutera, Natalia LL, Ryszard Wa鄂o.

Postconference book containing texts, statements, discussion transcript and documentary illustrations, will be launch in English and Polish language.

"L'art et son contexte" New book by Jan 安idzi雟ki published in French in a Quebec City, Canada, by Le Lieu. 156 pages, 14,95 $ (can). Introduction by Richard Martel, a performer and Le Lieu manager. More:

International Festival
In the Context of Art / DIFFERENCES

28.09 - 01.10. 2006


A new Festival - Biennale : In the Context of Art / DIFFERENCES starts on the 28th of September 2006.

The idea of the Festival is to present alternatives to the domination of the models of culture that enforce to be universal for everyone and everywhere. Today, these alternatives are formed in peripherical areas with their specific context. Respecting the importance of locality in contemporary art, instead of presenting centrical and static represantations of monoart, the founders of the Biennale decided to show the process in which the context of art is being formed: here and now, in this place, time and situation. The context of art is formed through presentation of the differences and by changing our perception of the reality.

* * *

Vast group of artists has confirmed their access to this festival of contextual art by repling afirmatively to the invitation of Jan Swidzinski, an artist and philosopher, the autor of "art as contextual art" theory.

Numerous important and influential personalities of contemporary art will participate in the DIFFERENCES festival. Among them you will find: Marilyn Arsem (United States), Adina Bar-On (Israel), Bruce Barber (Canada), Jerzy Beres (Poland), Nicola Frangione (Italy), Uto Gusztar (Romania), Zbigniew Libera (Poland), Fabien Montmartin (France), Paul Panhuysen (Netherlands), Wiktor Petrow (Belarus), Zbigniew Warpechowski (Poland).

The above artists have agreed to take the role of art curators and invited other artists themself, choosing the ones they consider the most interesting and important in their home countries. This way the first International Festival In the Context of Art / DIFFERENCES will present the work of 64 artists from 13 countries.

Artists participating in the Festival are not limited by any form of presentation, type of expression or media. They are to employ various forms: performance, video, installation, happening, intervention, multimedia, music, lecture, painting, sculpture, concrete poetry, impossible art, environment.

The Festival will be preceded by a press conference and an open debate with the participation of various critics, art historians, philosophers and anthropologists.

* * *

The idea of International Festival In the Context of Art / DIFFERENCES is to create an event which will not close when it's finished. On the contrary, it is a festival that lives on, because it is constantly open. This is a festival in episodes, detached from one place, a festival which moves, changes forms and contexts. It doesn't stop or stiffen. This time, it will be placed in Poland, next time - in a different country. With each location it takes place, new contexts are presented, new local artist join in. The DIFFERENCES will develop and grow like a rhizome.

It is not going to be one more gathering of artists who always stick around and always show the same work. The idea of the festival is not only to show the differences between artists, performances or art forms, but also to present the way other differences can find their right place and time in everyday life. During the Festival, THE DIFFERENCE will become the object of affirmation.

* * *

This event of over 80 presentations is prepared and finansed by the Mazowieckie Center of Culture and Art. It will take place in various locations in Mazowsze (a region of Poland): in Warsaw (in Mazowieckie Center of Culture and Art and in XX1 Gallery), in Plock (in the Museum of Mazowsze), in Szydlowiec (in Cultural Center), in Oronsko (in the Center of Polish Sculpture), in Sokolow Podlaski (in Cultural Center).


Warsaw - Mazowieckie Center of Culture and Art

Oronsko - Center of Polish Sculpture
Plock - Museum of Mazowsze
Szydlowiec - Cultural Center
Sokolow - Cultural Center

Head of the Festival:
Jan Swidzinski

Contact and press information:

Secretary of Festival
Bartosz ㄆkasiewicz
tel. +48 507 299 594

Press Speaker
Jan Przyluski
tel. +48 512 255 935

LIST OF PARTICIPANTs - biographes of the artists and theoreticians >

From "The manifesto of art as contextual art"

"We are aware of the fact that the effect which art has depends not only on what we do as artists, performing our art, but also in what context it functions. We as artists, and our art, function at present in the context of a specific structure of institutionalism to which we have been subordinated. That which subordinates us is the self-interest of a certain social group. We are aware of the fact that the interest of one group may match that of another, but the reverse situation may occur.
We have no doubts as to whether an art which suits the interests of everybody exists at all. We have doubts as to for whom contemporary art really functions. [...]
What then are we not interested in? We are not interested in the passive assimilation of culture through spectacular and occasional forms of activity. What are we opposed to? We are opposed to institutional structures which, while acting in the universal interest of art, in reality act in the specific interest of a defined group. What then are we interested in? We are interested in direct contact with reality, to which end we direct our activity. We are interested in concrete social practice which, through the process of self-consciousness of every man (a self-consciousness of incessantly changing relations between reality and its images), leads to self-decisions concerning our own position in reality. We are interested in ceaseless work within a concrete social group, within division into those who know and those who get to know.
What do we propose then? We propose substituting the institutional network of art with non-formal spontaneous social groups formulating themselves in order to solve real problems; true people who cannot be substituted by notional idealizations and stereotyped images of man."

Jan Swidzinski

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